I was named after a flower. My heart is somewhere amongst wild flower fields, the starlit sky, green forests and all the sunset colors I was allowed to see. Mother nature, human connections and beautiful places are the biggest inspiration for my work. I open my eyes to beauty, light and joy in the here and now. It's just my calling to frame the split of seconds that tell stories of lives. I love wild flower bouquets, handwritten love letters and homegrown vegetables from our garden. Discovering new cultures, stories and places on earth feeds my soul.



sunset seeker | dream chaser | adventurer 

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I was always feeling that I was made to live a life full of purpose and passion. When I was living in Canada I learned what "living my dream" really means to me. In film making all of my passions and talents can come together. Being able to create something meaningful that has an impact on others lives and generations to come just fills my heart. I didn't chose to be a film maker, I believe that the art of filmmaking found me. In the end, we all will be stories and I want to tell the most beautiful one. 


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It's always an honour to teach other emerging photographers and creatives how to chase their dreams and build trust in themselves.


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I was named after a flower. My muses are light, peppermint tea and my grandmas cheesecake.   Holding a camera in my hands is my kind of speaking with the universe. I see it as my calling to frame the split of seconds that create the whole beautiful story of you. If I was a poet I would use words to describe the things I feel and see. But I fell in love with photography, and so the camera became my window to peoples souls. One of my biggest dreams is seeing a galaxy or birth of a star with my eyes and taking a photo of it. My heart is always yearning to discover this world. My life as a wedding photographer already took me to Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Canary Islands, USA, Italy, France the most beautiful corners in Germany and beyond. Adventures like this, the unexpected beauty of everyday, my home and mother nature is where I mostly draw all of my inspiration from. If you love life as much as me, we should get to know each other and drink a cup of tea together. With a piece of cake, of course. 


star-gazer. light seeker. adventurer. artist. 

I'm jasmin

i was named after a flower


star-gazer. light seeker. adventurer. artist

My home is Bavaria, where I grew up with my family. My heart was always drawn to beauty and moments. Thinking back to my childhood I remember discovering the world in a camper (France and Sweden was our most beautiful destination!), fostering my great-grandmothers roses in the garden, baking the most delicious cheesecakes with my grandma and summer rides on the flower fields with our brave South German Coldblood "Gentleman".  Luckily my mother always captured our family story in living photographs that carefully preserved all those beautiful moments in my life. Even in the darkest hours those memories always brought back my light and remembered me about who I am. I could always see the sights, smell the seasons, hear the sounds and live that days through those photographs. My heart is for making people remember beauty, feel loved and belong. As my life already prepared my path carefully I pursued a degree in arts and established my first photography brand. Ever since I transform peoples stories into meaningful heirlooms of their lives.


 Grandmas cheesecake

 peppermint tea

 slow mornings

wide  flower fields

my story


Seeing a galaxy with my eyes and taking a photo of it

Living together with a nature tribe for some weeks and learning more about 
plants and natural healing 

Discovering the world with a rooftop tent 




I documented my first destination wedding in France and took a photo of a very beautiful wedding guest. She looked so graceful and elegant and somehow I felt a connection to her. 10 minutes later I realized that I had just taken a photo of the british actress Joan Collins. My mum, as a Denver Clan fan, was raving. 

Rangefinder Magazine New York named as one of the rising stars of wedding photography in the world

I was speaking on stage for Rangefinder Magazine at the biggest portrait & wedding conference in the world in Las Vegas


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