°4 °3 °2 °1 SUCCESS GROWTH WORK MEETING Depending on your session we will have a follow up skype session or meeting 2 months later to make sure you are on track. Booking destination weddings, finding your inner voice, branding for your business, finding dream clients, how to get published in magazines. Depending on your needs we will pick the content you need to grow. We will review your portfolio, work on your goals and will find ways to make you grow. We will work on every question you may have and I will help you to achieve the business of your dreams with a meaningful approach. I am inviting you to spend time with me via Skype or in my hometown close to Nürnberg. I will dig deep into your potential and we will find your true essens and strengths. coaching sessions one : one 1:1 sessions with me will provide you with personalized knowledge for your business & personality. Every session is custom tailored for your specific needs and will make you grow within the next 2 months. You will have to put some effort & sweat into growing but I will help you getting on track and providing you with the knowledge you need for a successful creative business.
seeking inspiration coaching session 2h Coaching Session 450€
seeking growth coaching session 4h Coaching Session

1h Skype session
after 2 months
seeking success coaching session 6h Coaching Session

2h Skype session
after 2 months