An old world winter wedding. Patrycja & Michal, Warsaw.


Patrycja & Michals wedding was quiet. Quiet, beautiful and emotional.

They decided to celebrate their wedding in the beautiful they call their home – Warsaw.

Both decided to celebrated this day with their own rules. No separated rooms while the getting ready (how beautiful is this moment to get dressed by your groom?) no big wedding party but an amazing dinner with their family with piano music. No photoshoot in their wedding day (we met one day after their wedding day to have their beautiful portraits taken). One of the most emotional moments on this day was, when Michal played the piano for Patrycja in front of their family and friends. We are still enchanted by the atmosphere of this celebration, the kindness of all the people around us and this beautiful City.

My second shooter on this day was my own mother (the reason I ever took a camera in my hands!). And I couldn’t be more thankful to have such big support from my own creative family. Can you imagine how it feels as a photographer to shoot a wedding alongside your own mother?

I connect so many feelings to this wedding day, so many thoughts, so many memories. This wedding as a present from my life to other lives. Thanks!


Hat box: „Trousseau and Co“ by Joy Proctor

Veil: Sibo Designs

Location: Bistro Warszawa, Warsaw