Destination wedding in france. Amy & Chris, Bastide de Gordes.


If you are a big fan of the USA Eagles national rugby team: I swear, this wedding at Bastide de Gordes is for you! Because it’s the amazing lovestory of Chris and his amazing wife Amy in Provence. A destination wedding in France? Okay, this was a little dream of mine. And I thought this dream could become reality in a few years. Maybe. Or not. I don’t know. Somehow I always hoped for weddings abroad because I just LOVE traveling. I love seeing new places and I love to shoot weddings that are a little different to the typical german wedding.

The further you go, the more you will experience. Not that I don’t like german weddings. But I think every country has his own charme, and you definitely feel that on the wedding day. It’s different, it’s a totally new experience. Different people celebrate different weddings. With different timelines, different visions and so on. When we landed in Marseille and got out of the plane I could instantly smell the french air. With a cool breeze of the ocean. Oh my.. I will never forget that moment! In that moment I wished I could just grab a glass of wine somewhere and just sit down and enjoy :D .. Okay but we didn’t! So we picked up our rental car and hit the road. Destination: Gordes!

Gordes is a historical old city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. And when we arrived there I just couldn’t believe that I have never been there before. I have had already been to france several times. I have seen beautiful places. But this was the most breathtaking place I have ever seen in france. And I got to know it because of a wedding there. I’m a lucky girl. Such a lucky girl. I still can’t believe how blessed we are with this job!

Amy & Chris wedding took place at Bastide de Gordes. A stunning place & the perfect wedding venue! Old buildings as far as the eye can see, and glorious views over the landscape.

But there was a little bit more stunning than just the venue. I could tell you so much about the dress (oh my, this Eliza Jane Howell DRESS!), the ceremony on the terrace with the stunning view above the landscape, all this flower loveliness (by Laetitia C) , decoration aaaand so on. But I think you should just look at the photos. So you’ll get a better feeling of what we felt on this day! :-)

Can’t wait for all experiences we will make next year. All the places we get to see. All the lovely couples we get to know. I’m looking forward to it!



Location: Bastide de Gordes, France

Dress: Eliza Jane Howell

Floral Design: Laetitia C. Fleurs D‘ Atelier