Adventurous orthodox small island wedding. Arina & Daniel, Symi, Greece.

Yes, Symi is really a far away island. Yes, it was an adventurous journey to this destination wedding on Symi. This year was our year of travelling. From Germany to this destination wedding in Greece, back to Germany, heading to destination weddings in Italy and landing in Austria finally. I was lucky to having had my sister with me on all destinations weddings and we lived out of one handbag suitcase for almost one month. Including all clothes for two people, one Sling Trainer and several bags of protein powder (the reason we almost missed one flight because of the nice explosive tests on the airport). And there is one moment I will never forget: our way to the ferry bringing us back to Rhodes. Of course, during this time of day no busses or taxis were available. So we had to walk over 500 steps from the upper town to the harbour. Unluckily I didn’t have time to take some detail photos of the island before and decided to combine our journey to the harbour with taking photos of Symis abbeys wrapped in the soft sunlight. Oh.. if there hadn’t been this handbag, our backpacks and all this camera stuff .. ok, I needed free hands, I needed to walk down these hundred steps.. how lucky am I to have such a helpful and strong big sister? While I was sweating walking down these steps taking photos she was sweating even more because she really walked down those 500 steps hefting 2 backpacks, 2 suitcases and one handbag. I will never forget the moment when you reached the last step looking like a sweaty and angry pig telling me that you hated me for a short moment and that it was the hardest workout of your life hahahaha. I’m still so thankful for all those memories we created, your helping hand, all your energy you put into those weddings, your beautiful photos, all the good food and sunburns we shared .. thanks for being my sister!

So let’s talk about this destination wedding: To be honest, there is nothing I could express in words, nothing I have to explain. This is a wedding where photos are telling a few of those thousands of moments we experienced. I am more than thankful that Arina & Daniel have chosen us to document their adventurous destination wedding in Greece. We will carry those moments forever in our hearts. And didn’t Arina look stunning in her beautiful and natural Vera Wang dress?

If you want to get an idea how lovely Arina really is, read those lines she sent me after their wedding day.

„Jasmin, we’ve chosen you over all those other photographers we saw online. Even made you come all the way from Germany to the small far away island of Symi. Because you have this special something that’s called talent! All of the people who saw our wedding photos were asking about you. You are talented and great, keep doing what you’re doing“

Arina & Daniel, thanks from the deepest bottom of our hearts for being who you are. For your love. For your grace. We’re glad you have found each other to spend your lives together as Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh!

Location: Symi, Greece (near Rhodes)

Dress: Vera Wang