A spring time barn wedding near London. Danielle & Ed, England.

The days are getting shorter, the sun is getting softer, the light is getting darker. Winter time has arrived here in Germany.

I like this cozy time of the year. I like sitting on the couch drinking tea. I love the lovely Christmas time and its atmosphere, and I love that it’s a little season break and time to do something for myself.

The last months I was a little bit quiet. I told myself I would write a blogpost and show something of all those beautiful weddings I captured. I told myself I would take time to educate myself with photography knowledge again. I told myself I would do so many things that have to do with photography. The thing my heart burnt for.

And you know what I did? Nothing. And it’s okay.

I didn’t want to take care of my website anymore. I wanted to quit the whole photography business. So I took a break. I spent 4 months of my life doing the things I really wanted to. I spent 4 months of my life living like I don’t have responsibility of anything in my life except of making myself happy. I spent those 4 months with my best friend and we had the time of our lives (I’m sure there will be more times of our lives still to come ;-)). We got up in the morning went into the forest for runs and hours of long walks. We spent our time with cooking, baking, watching films, partying, talking about our lives, growing, educating our souls, learning about life, getting to know what life is really about. We encouraged each other, we allowed ourselves to be weak. We allowed ourselves to rest and do what makes our souls happy. I didn’t touch my camera, I didn’t care about anything business related (except of my clients of course ;-)).

I didn’t care if anything I posted on Instagram would fit to my business, I shared motivating stories about my fitness journey, healthy recipes. Everything I did during this time. I didn’t want to talk about my photography, I didn’t want to behave like I’be focused on my business although I didn’t. I wanted to be what I was in this moment.

I didn’t listen to anyone telling me that all we have to do in life is getting up at 8am, working until night being happy about the amount of money we earn. I didn’t listen to anyone telling me that it’s important to be on track with our business no matter how our life circumstances are. I didn’t listen to anyone telling me that I’d be out of the business if I didn’t care about my social media or anything.

The most important thing I’ve learned is: If we really need a break life will allow us to do this. Life is about filling ourselves with everything our heart longs for.

If your heart longs for achieving aims in your job: go for it. If your heart longs for a break: treat yourself with this break. If your heart longs for doing something for your health: put all of your power into this vision to make it happen.

My heart longs for showing off all those beautiful moments I experienced the last few months and never showed to anyone (some magazines did this job for me the last months).

So here we go: This is how my wedding season started last year. With Danielles & Eds spring wedding near London. The sun was playing games with the rain, the wind was blowing softly in Danielles hair, life gifted us with the most beautiful sunlight during our portrait session and the happiness of all those people around me made me feel like walking through a room which is filled with love.

Hugs, Jasmin


Location: Wasing Park Weddings, England

Wedding Film: Mrs Mashup Wedding Films

Dress: Temperley London

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Flowers: Scarlet & Violet

Stationery: Jessica Tibbits

Publication: BRIDES Magazine, UK